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Leeky Cup Results & Updates

The first Leeky Cup is now over and we have our results! We would like to thank everyone who took part and apologise for the delay in this follow-up article.

The tournament was our largest to date in terms of prizes, entry fees and viewers. The road to the Leeky Cup ran for several weeks prior and consisted of three satellite tournaments, allowing players an opportunity to gain free entry into the main event. We did record the event in full but due to production concerns we have decided not to upload the full event or highlights at this time - we may keep it in the archive for a rainy day.

The top four players were as follows:

1st GoldBoot ($225.00)
2nd Chief ($175.00)
3rd Zee ($125.00)
4th RCTech ($75.00)

For the full results and tournament bracket click here.


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Once the new platform is live we will announce the next few tournament dates and formats. We have many exciting things planned for the competitive gaming landscape in the future.

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