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Introducing Team Leeky & Updates

Leeky Games is proud to announce the launch of Team Leeky, set-up to bring together the most skilled players in Axie Infinity into one unified eSports team. In the future we plan to expand Team Leeky into a brand for more than just one game and create teams for other games we host on the platform, thus allowing people to follow their favourite eSports team, no matter the game.

The Team Leeky for Axie Infinity shall consist of a maximum of four players of which two have been selected so far. The two players who have made the team thus far are.. BlackChocobo and Benjamin!


BlackChocobo is widely regarded the #1 ranked Axie Infinity player. He previously won the first Infinity Cup, losing only one game the whole tournament and maintained the top of the leaderboard for a large part of the first season.


Benjamin is the founder of Leeky Games and a formidable Axie Infinity player. He was the only one to beat BlackChocobo during the first Infinity Cup and consistently ranked in the top 3 for a large part of the first season.

Team Leeky

We're still looking for our last two Axie Infinity players so if you think you're good enough, get in touch! We do actively scout players and will reach out to them if applicable. We're still in the early stages of the team but we currently offer the following perks:

- Free entry into major tournaments we host for the relevant game
- Additional exposure
- Free vector based image of player
- Additional role and private chat in Discord

We're also planning the following perks:

- Free swag (inc hoodies and game-day tops)
- Free graphics work (banners and socials)
- Bonuses
- Sponsored hardware
- Free office space
- Free access to digital asset library
- Coaching
- And more!

Team Pages

We've also rolled out the start of team pages, you can visit ours here. You'll also notice the new highlighted link in the navigation bar or side-menu for smaller devices.

We expect team pages will play an important part going forward and will be where you can find the latest info, stats, rankings and media for your favourite teams. We aim to roll this feature out to selected third-parties in the near future.

Leeky Cup Update

With the Leeky Cup fast approaching, we've taken on some feedback from players and decided to change the distribution of the prize pool to the following (creds to Janos):

9th-16th place = 25 USD
5th-8th place = 50 USD
4th place = 75 USD
3rd place = 125 USD
2nd place = 175 USD
1st place = 225 USD

This change was done after approval from all currently registered players for the event. We have also added a rule to all tournaments to make it clear that only Axies possessed by the player at the beginning of the tournament can be used during the tournament.

Just a reminder that our Leeky Cup Satellite #2 tournament starts this Saturday with two guaranteed places into the Leeky Cup main event with over $1,000.00 in guaranteed prizes. Entry into the satellite is just $5.00.

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