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First Tournament Results

The results are in for our first test tournament on Leeky Games. The tournament was free to play and had a prize pool of 1.0000 ETH to be shared amongst the top four players, you can view the final bracket and results here. There we 40 people registered at the tournament start time with a few dropping out due to absence.

The Axie Infinity team surprised us all with a last minute update on the day of the tournament which included both a change to the PvP game mechanics, in the form of a new bloodmoon special and by introducing the observe feature to watch other players matches. Players had to rush to get to terms with the new gameplay and on the back of the observe feature, we decided to stream the event.

The top four players were as follows:

1st YCB
2nd Kuan
3rd Janos
4th SpleenJab.

Overall we're sure many lessons have be learnt for both players and us as hosts. We look forward to putting them into practise during the next tournament which will be announced shortly!

Re-watch the final

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