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Platform Updates & Tournaments

We have officially relaunched our web platform with a brand new, proprietary back-end and added to our development team. These changes will allow us to bring out new functionality faster, whilst also upgrading the efficiency and security of our codebase. We have also moved to new hosting and mail providers which should improve the reliability of site access and functions.

The vast majority of changes will not be noticeable as the majority of the front-end has remained unchanged. You may notice some small styling bugs which we are working to polish out. All users have also been emailed about these changes and will have to reset their passwords in order to login.

We're super excited to begin work on the next batch of updates which may include better tournament tools, a streaming calander, team pages for third-parties, new tournament types, new games and much more!


Noticable changes include:

1. Faster page-load times
2. Forgot password page is now functional
3. Tournaments page now has a filter for `active`, `type` and `game`
4. New email templates and less likely to go into spam
5. News and tournament urls now have slugs which describe them better


After listening to feedback, we're happy to announce the launch of a daily (every other day) and special end of season tournaments for Axie Infinity. All tournaments will be streamed with additional prizes and giveaways up for grabs. We have skipped a tournament on the 4th April 2020 due to third-party scheduling conflicts.

31st March 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #1
2nd April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #2
5th April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #3
7th April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #4
9th April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #5
14th April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #6
16th April 2020 2pm UTC - Daily Tourny #7
18th April 2020 2pm UTC - End of Season #3

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