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Update On Supported Countries

After much consideration we have taken the decision to only allow access to tournament functionality to certain supported countries. We've taken this decision in-light of the additional legal costs associated with obtaining a full multi-jurisdictional legal opinion on the many various areas that a platform like this can touch on. Whilst we don't estimate these costs to be too significant for an average start-up, we are currently bootstrapped and cannot support this kind of investment at this stage. We have not taken this decision lightly as we understand it will restrict a great number of potential users. 

Furthermore we will also be introducing some form of mandatory KYC for all accounts that wish to access tournament functionality. We're making this move partly for best practise and to reduce fraud. Whilst we understand this will increase barriers, we hope that going forward, our focus on providing a compliant service is the right long-term strategy. We hope to make the implementation as seamless as possible.

We have removed all active tournaments until these changes have been implemented. Access to registration and other features, including upcoming team pages will remain open to all countries (excl sanctioned and restricted countries).

Supported Countries

This list may be expanded or reduced from time to time.

United Kingdom

Countries Under Review

These are countries not yet supported but under review and again this list may be expanded or reduced from time to time.


What this means for the future

This change will clearly have a big effect on our current engagement and it may require us to allocate more focus on maintstream games. We hope we can use this period to further optimise the platform, build out new features, work on our processes and structure etc, with the aim of coming back stronger. More will be announced in the coming weeks. We hope to maintain our Axie Infinity tournaments for players within the supported countries.

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